A Map and A Dream

A map.

A simple tool for laying out the coordinates of the earth in an accessible format for the viewer. A map. A powerful and eye-opening device that can bring optimism and joy if it is in the right hands.

A dream.

Graduate post-secondary school and find a job in your field with a generous salary and all your benefits covered? Wouldn’t that be a miracle. Find the person of your dreams and settle down with them? It sounds nice. Buy a house and a car and all the pleasantries you think you need? Maybe. Work the 9-5 job to pay for the big house and all the nice things you needed? Hmm maybe the house is worth it. Spend hours a day away from your loved ones compromising important relationships in order to pay for material items? Yikes I don’t like where this is going. Live the same day over and over again for months and years forgetting your dreams and your passions and what drove you to explore and grow?

Get me out of here!

This is where I see it going each time I think about the typical dream of so many people before my time and during my time. My dream goes slightly different.

Graduate post-secondary. Make enough money to buy a one-way plane ticket. Look at a map and pick a starting point. Pack a bag and leave behind the what-ifs and the maybes and just go. Let the path lead where it may.

So. There I stood. About to graduate. About to move back home with my parents. About to face the opportunity to take a well paying office job in a field completely unrelated to my studies that could lead to moving up in the company.

And so, like any irresponsible, possibly ungrateful young person in pursuit of “more” I booked my plane ticket, told my boss I was declining the offer, and told my family and friends I was leaving.

So I packed my bag, grabbed my map (okay, okay, fine, I grabbed my phone) and left to pursue my dream.

Disclaimer: These may be two extremes of a large spectrum of how the majority of twenty-somethings embrace their young adulthoods. For the sake of a strong emphasis on these two extremes I obviously did not make the first extreme sound positive. That is, however, a subjective and bias opinion and is by no means a definite ending to a life that is completely suitable and fulfilling for some people.